When Duniya Hurts You, Run Towards Allah

When Duniya Hurts You, Run Towards Allah

بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيمِ

When Duniya Hurts You

Run towards Allah ﷻ 

Because He ﷻ  is The Only One,

Who Can Bring Your Heart at Peace

He ﷻ  Is The One Who Knows,

What is In Your Heart.

He ﷻ  Knows Your Pain.

He ﷻ  Knows Everything,

Which you are Going Through.

Have Faith In Him ﷻ 
Trials And Hardships Comes in our Life,

To Attach us With Allah ﷻ ,

To Make us Realize that

None Has Power to Help Us,

Except Allah ﷻ .

So As Soon as you Face any Trial

Remember That this Trial has come to you

To make you Closer to Allah ﷻ 

So Don't Lose Hope

Just Hold Allah's ﷻ  Rope Tightly...

In Shaa Allah at the End Everything will Be Fine..

May Allah ﷻ   give us the Ability 

To Read Quran Daily and to Memorize it, 

May He ﷻ   Solve All Our Problems,

And Give Us Strength to Have Sabr During Hardships,

May He ﷻ   Forgive all of our Sins and Guide us to the Straight Path

May Allah ﷻ   Grant us Jannat ul Firdous...

Aameen ya Rabbul Alamin.

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